A Word with Dr H: March 22, 2022 ‘At long last, the US recognizes what the Rohingya already knew’

First, you right a wrong and protect those who need refuge. You call their crimes against humanity what it is, genocide, to protect them and make sure justice is served. In the hope that you can prevent such tragedy from occurring again in the future.

That is democracy in action. An enlightened form of democracy. An enlightened society considers values of lovingkindness, wanting others to be happy, and compassion, wanting others to be free from suffering, as essential principles supporting its base. Democracy in action is standing up for human rights and helping others in need. Bravo, America. You got this one right. Stand up for the highest principles of peace, love, justice and friendship as you set the example for other countries across the globe.

I quote from Starseed R/evolution, page 378, some of the quality’s humanity must adopt if we are to move forward and protect all life on this planet from such tragedies:

“Morning dawned, and as if the prior signs still hadn’t been enough, a double rainbow suddenly appeared in the sky above the canyon. Great Spirit had heard and answered their prayers.

Once everyone had been roused, Michael concluded the ceremony.

“It has been an honor and privilege to spend time with all of my sacred relations here today in this place of power. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for making the long and difficult journey to get here. The signs have clearly appeared, and they are good.”

There was a long pause—what many called deep meditative silence.

“Each of you has received a consecrated medicine shield, which has been blessed by every member of the spiritual community who partook in our sacred ceremonies. Please keep this as a precious reminder of our time here today. As you return home, please share this gift with your people. Ask them to reflect daily on those qualities that will bring blessing and honor: love, wisdom, honesty, respect, generosity, courage, and humility. Please also ask your people to reflect on those Reptilian values which have led us down the path of darkness: fear, ignorance, pride, cowardice, greed, dishonesty, and disrespect.

“We must guard against these qualities if we are to preserve and protect our way of life, and all the two-legged and four-legged who walk the Earth.” Michael looked at us all and let loose one final loud and joyous cry, yelling resoundingly, “Emaho!” This reflected their magnificent achievement and deep, abiding compassion for all living creatures. As the medicine man finished his last exhortation, drums and rattles and piercing joyful shrieks echoed loudly from the canyon walls again, and every campsite celebrated for what seemed an eternity.”

First, we stand up for those who suffered genocide. Then let us define Ecocide, so it is a crime against humanity to hurt Mother Earth, and destroy present and future life on our planet.