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The Awakening


Awakening book

Enter the extraordinary world of Crown Prince Ian, the last-surviving heir of the Royal Arcturian Family of Antwar.

A half-human/half-alien with an IQ approaching 200 and a penchant for Swiss chocolates and defending humanity from itself. A savior of Earth? Or, as his genetic grandmother would say, only another mensch?

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Written in 2077 – in the tradition of Marcus Aurelius, Winston Churchill, Sun Tzu, and Kanye West – Prince Ian recounts firsthand the most thrilling and critical years of the Orion Wars, an intergalactic struggle between good and evil and the merely tolerable. From space reptiles pulling the strings in D.C. to sperm-gathering Greys at the Battle of Woodstock and the terrifying realities of global warming, Prince Ian shares his deepest observations and memories to inspire readers throughout the cosmos to think, to laugh, and to ascend.

A Gulliver’s Travels for the 23rd century. Satire, adventure, pop psychology, mystical exploration, and a breath of fresh air in a world choking on its own hubris. From the New York Times bestselling mind of a controversial world-renowned scientist comes a work audacious in its scope and startling in its ultimate message of the ecocide facing our planet including both real solutions and a reading experience you will never forget.

Basic plot:

Aliens land and help Earth solve its global warming and other pressing environmental problems. This includes (a) terrifying facts of the speed and magnitude all this is happening in the real world, as well as the real-world scientific and cultural solutions. Mixed in are more personal growth matters of identify, meditation, and a much-needed global ascension.