A Word from Dr H: 1.5 Degrees Centigrade Global Rise May Not Be As Safe As We Thought

“Climate Tipping Points May Be Triggered Even If Warming Peaks at 1.5C: Ice-sheet collapse, abrupt permafrost thaw and the loss of coral reefs are possible even if the world meets Paris Agreement targets, scientists warn”.

“The drought- and flood-stricken summer of 2022 has shown the impact of 1.1° Celsius of global warming — the amount that’s already occurred since pre-industrial times. Now a major scientific reassessment finds that several critical planetary systems are at risk of breaking beyond repair even if nations restrain warming to 1.5°C, the lower threshold stipulated by the Paris Agreement.

At that level of warming, coral reefs may die off, ice sheets in Greenland and the West Antarctic may melt and permafrost may abruptly thaw, according to a new paper in the journal Science.

The paper compiles evidence that major changes in the climate system, with massive environmental and societal consequences, are likely to occur at lower temperatures changes that previously assumed. It was written by a team of international scientists led by David Armstrong McKay of Stockholm University in Sweden and the University of Exeter in the UK.

“With this paper we show clearly that 1.5°C is not a climate limit to take lightly,” said Johan Rockström, one of the authors and director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany. “Exceed it, and we are likely to trigger several tipping points.” The current trajectory of planetary warming is estimated to reach about 2.6°C. ”

I have put forth solutions on the recent IG live that I did with Kristy Drutman (https://www.instagram.com/p/CiNdHXZj7xm/) that if instituted now, could help avert some of the worst climate disasters awaiting us in the near future. Electrifying everything with WWS, preserving 50% of the lands and oceans to help save our biodiversity, regenerative agriculture to keep carbon in the soil and increase depleted nutrients, as well as potential geoengineering solutions by Harvard scientists and others to cool the planet before its too late (the Artic is heating up 3-5 x faster than North America, rapidly leading to permafrost melting, releasing CO2 and methane, that heats the planet 80x more efficiently than carbon dioxide, not to mention the risk of releasing bacteria, viruses and fungi frozen in ice for millions of years, potentially leading to new pandemics).

That is apart from spiritual solutions mentioned in Starseed R/evolution, the Awakening, that is based on quantum physical principles of how consciousness can affect physical reality (in reality, there is no ‘inside and outside’ as this is a construct of dualistic consciousness). These techniques were shared with me over 40+ years of studying with Hindu and Tibetan masters.

So here is what I don’t understand. These solutions are available now with present technologies. To try and fix the damage will cost ten times more than to prevent it (Bill Gates and others have run the numbers). As a physician, if I find a cancer in the early stages, I remove it and deal with it in an expedited manner before it spreads and destroys the organism as a whole. There is no difference here. Please do not be in denial. We are in big trouble, but there is no reason to lose hope and have a doom and gloom outlook. We just need to institute scientific solutions NOW!

Please share the IG link above with those who need hope (and I appreciate your reading Starseed R/evolution and sharing your experience…Kristy found it to be very funny and poignant, outlining climate problems and solutions.) Lastly, please remember in the next election, if we don’t pass further climate legislation by voting in D’s to control the House and Senate, we will lose a window of opportunity that is closing fast (sorry, but the R’s are in denial and their intransigence in blocking all helpful legislation and restricting individual rights is not the America I grew up in).

This story is from Bloomberg, US Edition. Please consider signing up for their excellent daily insights on the climate. They do a great job (and I submitted 3 of my Starseed videos to be considered at the LA documentary film festival on the climate. Keeping fingers crossed: https://starseed-revolution.com/video )