A Word with Dr H, Climate Stress and Grief, Solutions Exist, Mar 11

This article in the NY Times on how the climate is affecting mental health is one of the initial reasons I wrote Starseed R/evolution. Kids with climate grief were coming into my office after getting over Lyme disease and had lost hope. I needed to understand what they were seeing and feeling and dove into the climate literature in 2018. I discovered that they were right. We were in big trouble, but I found solutions, that if implemented now, would ensure a happier and healthier future for all. Not false hope, but hope born of hard science, with social/philosophical/spiritual/and meditative solutions.

“Experts and psychologists are racing to understand how the torments of a volatile, unpredictable planet shape our minds and mental health. In February, a major new study highlighted the mental health effects of climate change for the first time, saying that anxiety and stress from a changing climate were likely to increase in coming years.

In addition to those who have lost their homes to floods and megafires, millions have endured record-breaking heat waves. The crisis also hits home in subtle, personal ways — withered gardens, receding lakeshores and quiet walks without the birdsong that once accompanied them.

To understand what the effects of climate change feel like in America today, we heard from hundreds of people. In cities already confronting the long-term effects of climate change, and in drought-scarred ranches and rangeland, many are trying to cope with the strains of an increasingly precarious future”.

Starseed R/evolution contains solutions not being discussed in the mainstream media (like the need for geoengineering before the Thwaites glacier collapses; and the 1% Global Climate Solution, a simple and profound meditation technique for not only dealing with climate stress but also helping to shift our world in the positive direction). An overview of the solutions can be found here: https://starseed-revolution.com/the-solution/
Please considering gifting Starseed R/evolution to anyone who is needing some laughter and support during these challenging times.

The physical scars of our warming planet are everywhere — from rising sea waters to melting glaciers and charred forests.