A Word from Dr H, October 2021

The world needs to cut its emissions seven times as fast to hit climate goals, U.N. report finds

‘We’re just so far off track,’ says one co-author, noting that vague long-term promises and insufficient short-term plans overshadow signs of progress…Given that developed nations account for roughly three quarters of global greenhouse gas emissions, their failures to set bold targets or to fully meet existing goals are a significant reason the world remains on a path toward worsening climate catastrophes, the U.N. found.”

If you live in a state where your Senators or Congressmen/women are not supporting climate legislation because of politics, please consider writing and/or calling them ahead of the summit to express your concern for present and future generations. Dysfunctional politics will be turning the American dream into an American nightmare.

Everyone needs to speak up. This goes beyond any state or national borders. Climate scientists from around the globe are labeling our present situation as a ‘code red’ for humanity because we put of making changes for the past 30 years, and Big Oil executives are about to be grilled by Congress regarding their disinformation campaigns that have slowed progress towards adopting clean energy policies.

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