Rethinking Climage Change – by RethinkX

We are increasingly seeing the effects of climate change throughout the world with spreading wildfires, massive fish kills, droughts, level 5 hurricanes, increased power outages and rising vector-borne diseases. World leaders are setting the goal of 2050 -2060 to become carbon neutral, and by that time, it will most likely be too late to avoid some of the worst consequences of rising global temperatures. Feedback loops are already beginning to cause increased methane and CO2 release from melting permafrost. Is there a way to speed up our progress?

RethinkX just released their newest report, Rethinking Climate Change, where they explain how we can reduce our emissions 90% by 2035.

Please see the PDF document and discussion about the surprising speed of disruption that is happening to our planet and what we can do about it.

RethinkX’s Rethinking Climate Change