As climate pledges fall short, A Word with Dr H, Sept 17

‘As climate pledges fall short, U.N. predicts globe could warm by worrying 2.7 degrees Celsius. New Glasgow commitments, if implemented, would result in a 12 percent emissions cut by the decade’s end, well short of what is needed to curb global warming’

To put that in perspective, the climate disasters we have already witnessed occurred with a 1.1-1.2 degree Centigrade rise: flooding in the US, Europe and China, melting glaciers, sea level rise, wildfires with associated air pollution, droughts, heat waves, massive fish kills and loss of biodiversity (33% of species may be extinct by 2050 at the present rates of extinction). Not to mention that the last time the CO2 levels were at 420 ppm, during the Pliocene era, the oceans were at least 30 feet higher. The problems are not ‘additive’ at higher temperatures, they exponentially rise. And if the AMOC slows down further, which controls climatic conditions across the globe, we would be seeing major changes in rainfall, sea level rise and cold spells in the US and Europe.

Please consider contacting your representatives in Congress. Tell them that humanities fate lies in the balance and that now is the time for aggressive climate action. We can not wait. Once certain tipping points are reached, they may be irreversible for long periods of time. We are heading into our 6th extinction event with a 2 degree plus Centigrade rise. We have solutions. They are on my climate web site These solutions only require world governments to take this seriously and stop putting off the inevitable changes we need to make. The longer we put off aggressively lowering our carbon footprint, the faster we will see humanitarian disasters unfold. Call and email your representatives. That is an easy thing to do to make sure your voice is heard. Thank you.

As climate pledges fall short, U.N. predicts globe could warm by catastrophic 2.7 degrees Celsius